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Written by Jerren Saunders   
Monday, 23 August 2010 18:12


Time to Shine Tutoring offers many different types of tutoring sessions focusing on pre-kindergarten through middle school subjects.  Children can so easily fall behind in school and getting them caught up can seem like a very daunting task.  Within the first few tutoring sessions, Brooke can begin to pinpoint where the problem began, focus on those skills, and build a strong foundation for continued learning.  Alternatively, some children are doing well in school and their parents would like for them to stay a step ahead in their classes.  Brooke can offer advancement-type tutoring services for these children as well.


Track out tutoring

Avoid track out learning loss by providing either remedial or advancement tutoring.  If your child struggled during the last nine weeks, Time to Shine can help your child get caught up to where he or she needs to be to begin the next nine weeks.  In addition, your child can use the track out period to get a head start on the material to be covered in the next nine weeks.


After school tutoring

Receive quality tutoring in the after school hours to reinforce what has been taught that week, help with difficult homework problems, and provide studying assistance for upcoming quizzes and tests.  This time can also be used to receive tutoring in a specific subject that your child struggles with to stay caught up and possibly stay a step ahead.


EOG and major exam preparation

Give your child specialized tutoring specifically for the end of grade tests and major exams.  Start preparing your children for these tests as early as you feel necessary to ensure that they excel and gain self-confidence.




Tutoring is available during the week for homeschooled students.  Brooke understands that parents choose homeschooling as an alternative to the public school system for many reasons.  Brooke will work closely with the homeschooling parent to ensure that everything is being done in the way the parent has planned for the child to learn. 

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