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"Brooke has done an excellent job with my 8th grader.  She was making a D in Algebra and after only 2 hours of tutoring, made a 93 on her next test.  Then, after a couple more sessions , she aced her math exam with a 101! We were so pleased.  She has a special way of getting to the meat of what the child is needing to focus on and is very conscientious about upcoming school tests and timing.  I highly recommend her."
-Kelly of Raleigh

"We were looking for a tutor that could understand the way our child learns and also help him succeed in the public school setting. Brooke has been truly amazing at the amount of time and effort she has placed into understanding our 4th grader and his challenges. She has applied a learning model that improves both his academic achievement and his self-esteem.  He looks forward to Brooke’s sessions and the key is he doesn’t see it as ‘more homework’ but does understand it is to help him learn better in the classroom setting.  Thanks so much, Brooke!"

-Nina of Cary


"Our 4 year old really looked forward to his time with Brooke, and loved her reward system.  For us she was a big help; getting him to work on the tougher aspects of learning to read like understanding consonant blends and sounding out words independently that kids just don't find as fun to do with their parents ;)  She is so approachable that he looked forward to seeing her each and every time.  Brooke got our son to work on skills he was bored with, and he really progressed in a short time.  We will definitely refer our friends to her!"
-Lavonne of Apex
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